HOW TO GET A THIGH GAP IN SECONDS with thigh slimmer sculptwear

KHURV is the first and only women's thigh slimmer sculptwear solution designed to INSTANTLY give you a thigh gap and a booty lift. KHURV answers the question, how to get a thigh gap...and it does it in seconds!

Other "thigh shapers" simply constrict your legs and smooth lines. KHURV actually sculpts the upper inner thigh in a safe and comfortable way to create a perfect thigh gap. In the past the only way to try to get a thigh gap was either through extreme dieting, excessive exercise, or expensive surgery. With KHURV you can get a thigh gap...


Wear KHURV with any pair of form fitting jeans, yoga pants, short shorts, or club pants for an instant thigh gap that will make your lower wardrobe look custom tailored to you!

How to get an instant thigh gap? With KHURV!