LOOK AND FEEL SEXY ! has a deeper psychological meaning. Are you almost there with getting a thigh gap but need a little help? KHURV thigh slimmer shapewear will push you across the finish line and help you get an instant thigh gap making you look and feel sexy!

When we look good we feel good. It's really that simple. No overthinking required. We choose our outfits based upon color, style, fit, and , yes, the perception from others. We have favorite colors so we tend to make our initial wardrobe selection based upon the color. Next we hope it fits!

If it fits and it makes us look good then we get every single color made! You know we all have a specific shirt, blouse, or pair of pants that when we first tried on was like it was custom made for us and now we have that one wardrobe item in EVERY SINGLE COLOR! Usually, still with tags!

KHURV can literally make EVERY pair of your favorite form fitting jeans, yoga pants, short shorts, or club pants look custom made for your body since KHURV actually shapes your outer garment to contour with your body.

KHURV takes LOOK AND FEEL SEXY ! to a next level! Get the ultimate thigh gap now!